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From Mt. Hardscrabble to Stonehaven Cottages- Rose Stone and its history.

If you've ever been to Stonehaven Cottages you might have noticed the stones we've chosen and placed throughout. Dozens of people have asked us about the stone and where we found it. Well, it has a history to it. Lori and I, along with many of the locals can remember going to Hardscrabble to go skiing as kids or young adults. The Hardscrabble ski area was on the West side of the Blue Hills. Buses upon buses and cars filled with people came from all over the Twin Cities area as well as the locals. Hardscrabble was a pretty popular place back in the day. After the prime days of Hardscrabble skiing, several other ski hills opened up and made it tough for Hardscrabble to stay afloat. Eventually, it closed and was sold to Steve and Laura Cutsforth. They started a restaurant, but eventually sold Hardscrabble to American Materials out of Eau Claire/Todd's Redi-Mix in Rice Lake. The new owners knew there was valuable stone beneath the surface behind the hill. If you go to the backside of Hardscrabble, you can see the quarry where they mine the Hardscrabble Rose Stone. Rose Stone is very abrasive, it has a sandpaper texture to the outside which is very beneficial in preventing erosion. When it's laid down as road base, the rocks have enough friction that they lock in together and create a bridge, so to speak, over soft spots in the soil. It has worked excellent as a road base here ...
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Just the Beginning Part-2

We are back this week bringing you the second part of our “Just the Beginning” blog. If you haven’t read the first blog post, make sure to check it out! The Ceiling When building the cottage, I was able to buy a variety of widths of black ash wood from a friend for fairly cheap,…
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Just the Beginning- Part 1

The vision of the Gatekeeper was to have a welcoming atmosphere right near Highway SS, the main road we are located on. The cottage turned out to be much more elaborate than what we had envisioned at first. We started out by sharing our ideas and planning it a little at a time. We had…
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“If you build it, they will come”-Field of Dreams (1989)

Meet the Owners Owners, Ted and Lori have both been Rice Lake residents all of their lives. They were married in 1983 and began raising their four children on Ted’s family homestead just 3 miles north of the resort. Ever since they were first married they had both dreamed of one day owning a resort and are…
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Stonehaven Cottages

on Tuscobia Lake LLC


Stonehaven Cottages... on Tuscobia Lake LLC



2357 Cty. Hwy. SS  Rice Lake, Wisconsin 54868

Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Stonehaven Cottages on Tuscobia Lake LLC is a new resort located just north of Rice Lake, WI.  The property consists of 40 acres of mixed hardwood and softwood trees with many hiking trails throughout the property.  Stonehaven has over a half mile of frontage on Tuscobia Lake. Tuscobia Lake is a 176 acre wilderness lake known for its panfish, crappie, bass, and northern pike in water depths from 2 to 25 feet deep.  At the present time we have two cottages available for rental, "The Gatekeeper" and "The Turtle".  Our third cottage, "The Birchview Suite" will be coming in the spring of 2021! 

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