Meet the Owners

Owners, Ted and Lori have both been Rice Lake residents all of their lives. They were married in 1983 and began raising their four children on Ted’s family homestead just 3 miles north of the resort. Ever since they were first married they had both dreamed of one day owning a resort and are thrilled that their dream is coming to fruition. 

Ted has owned a successful stonemason business for the past 20 years and has built hundreds of unique stone fireplaces, fire pits, walls, and landscapes. All of his clients have been highly satisfied with his craftsmanship and attention to detail. He retired from his stonemason business last fall and is now the general manager of the resort. His expertise as a stonemason will allow our guests to enjoy beautiful fireplaces and landscaping that are truly works of art!

Lori has been an elementary teacher in the Rice Lake School District for the past 20 years and has been teaching for 24 years now. She is planning to retire in a few years and be able to work at the resort full time along with Ted. Lori is also very creative and has a unique eye for interior design and decorating. Together they make quite a team! They have the skills, work ethic, and determination needed to make Stonehaven Cottages a place people want to come and spend time with friends and family!

How They Met

Ted and Lori met while Lori was still in high school. Lori was friends with Ted’s younger sister and would come around the farm often. Ted loved that Lori was down to earth and didn’t mind getting her hands dirty, the fact that she’s pretty was just a bonus! Little did Ted know, he had also caught Lori’s eye. He was handsome and a hard worker. They shared a passion for animals. Growing up Lori owned horses and ted was a farm kid, animals had always been a part of their lives. If Ted had his way, they would have chickens on the property someday. Together they make the best team.

How They Got To Where They Are Today

Ted and Lori sold their house giving up what could’ve been a relatively comfortable next 30 years. Taking on the challenge of the resort has been no small task. If anyone knows the value of hard work, it’s Ted and Lori.

So many resorts have gone by the wayside and have been sold off. The Romportl’s knew that Rice Lake was an area that needed something like Stonehaven Cottages and they could be the ones to offer it. Most people will never have the opportunity to live in lake homes and this is the next best thing. We provide a home away from home for those who love the lake and the outdoors. It was their dream to help others enjoy God’s creation without having to own and maintain lake property of their own.

What They Love About Being Resort Owners

“We feel like we were called to do this. And honestly, God has equipped both of us with unique talents that have come together to make this all happen. Without those gifts, none of this would be possible.” -Ted Romportl

It’s no secret that Lori loves designing. Having the ability to decorate and create a space that is welcoming and comfortable for guests is what she enjoys doing. One of the greatest parts about owning the resort is always having access to the wilderness right outside the door.

Ted enjoys working with his hands and constructing not only the cottages, but the land. One of his favorite things about being an owner has been building the trails which are located around the property. He is very passionate about creating trails properly and protecting the environment while making the wilderness more accessible for all.

They both enjoy getting to know the guests who stay with them, learning their stories and what led them to Stonehaven Cottages.

Hobbies They Enjoy

Ted is a silent sport enthusiast, he enjoys running, hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. He’s ran several marathons including Boston, twice. Since opening the resort, he has enjoyed bird watching while building trails and creating spaces for others to enjoy.

Lori loves hiking with their dog Reggie, watching American Idol and The Voice as well as tandem biking with Ted. Along with her design skills, Lori loves to paint. Fun fact: she painted the Stonehaven Cottages sign you’ll see when entering the resort! During the warmer months you can find Lori tending to her beautiful flower garden.

Both Ted and Lori enjoy reading, especially books about life, love and marriage. Inside the Gatekeeper cottage you will find a bookshelf stocked with some of their favorite books. Just one of the many things that makes Stonehaven such a unique resort!

Growing up Ted and Lori both enjoyed spending time with their families. They have instilled the value of family within their own four kids. They currently have eight grandchildren with two on the way! They enjoy spending time as a group playing board games and teaching the grandkids about the outdoors.

Ted & Lori along with their children and grandchildren. November 2018.

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